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Labour to keep alive in your breast that little spark of celestial fire called conscience.

George Washington

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Bottomley: Containers and Cloud Security
Security updates for Thursday
LWN.net Weekly Edition for June 21, 2018
Two stable kernel updates
Mentoring and diversity for Python
Getting along in the Python community
PEP 572 and decision-making in Python
Welcome to Fedora CoreOS
Security updates for Wednesday
Security updates for Tuesday
TCP small queues and WiFi aggregation — a war story
Security updates for Monday
4.18 Merge window, part 2
A set of weekend stable kernel updates
Kernel prepatch 4.18-rc1


Did you say that women should NOT get breast cancer exams? The toxic effects of mammogram radiation are finally being acknowledged as a significant factor in the development of breast cancer. (Dr. Joseph Mercola, mercola.com, March 2012)

Attorney Demolishes Pro-Vaccine Talking Points, Lays Bare The Shocking Facts About Vaccination Risks And Dangers (State of the Nation, USA, Feb. 2015)

Nouns vs. verbs in English — What is the difference between license and licence? Progress and progress? Do you address an envelope by saying 'hello' or writing an address on it?

Do cell phones cause cancer? The governments of California and Maine think so, and are proposing cancer warnings for cell phones after a study found significantly higher cancer rates in people using cell phones for more than 10 years. Short-term studies (as most medical studies are) are inherently faulty, don't you agree? Until and unless effects are monitored for a large number of years, how can we possibly know the true effects of drugs and devices that emit radiation?

Guana Bikers offers bicycle tours of Costa Rica. Looks like a neat way to tour a country.

Conserve Nova Scotia has a lot of great tips on reducing energy costs, rebates for solar heating, etc.

Institute for Religious Research contains a nice collection of very readable material for examining competing religious claims, such as Da Vinci Code, Mormons, JWs, etc.

CostHelper is a handy site with guidelines about what it will cost to do things to your house: How much will it cost to upgrade windows? etc. RemodelEstimates.com has a nice cost calculator for a variety of remodelling projects.

Next Bible I found this to be a helpful Greek lexicon, quite thorough and easy to understand.

The Provincial motto for Newfoundland: Quaerite prime regnum dei — Seek ye first the kingdom of God. (Ref.)

fueleconomy.gov is a US site that has manufacturer's as well as user-supplied gas mileage statistics for cars.

Second Thoughts about Fluoride by Dan Fagin (Scientific American, January 2008)

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